Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giacomino's of Gensan

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The Giacomino's Restaurant Facade

Another Pluk Fiesta was held sponsored by Giacomino's this time. Together with the plurkers and bloggers of Gensan and Davao, everybody had a great time rediscovering the Giacomino's Resto of GenSan City. But before serving their delicious cuisine, let me introduce first its brief history.

Giacomino's Wall History states:
Giacomino's is Italian for "little James".
Signore Giacomino is an italian who first arrived in the Philippines during the early 70's. Charmed by the beauty of our land, he decided to stay from then on. Though he enjoys the local cuisine, he is often reminded of the traditional home-cooking of his mother. Forced to compromise, he developed a distinct line of Italian Pizza and Pasta dishes adapted to the Filipino palate. And so, our name carries a tradition of Filipinized Italian favorites served to you quickly and affordably. The franchise was named after an Italian gentlemen who was associate to the founder of Giacomino's.
Now, Giaco is serving the Generals for 10 years under the management of Mr. Rombar Bartolome together with his wife, Dr. Aimee. This couple successfully improved the specialty of Giaco which are the pizzas through adding palatable toppings and sauces on it.

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Baking the Pizzas for us and Giaco's newly-made Halo-halo

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Gensan and Davao Plurkers/Bloggers while waiting for the pizzas

While having our little discussions, the waiters served us their chocolate moist cake and later were the Ottima Pizza and Veggie Pizza along with the Iced Tea. Others had their Halo-halo though the temperature was low.

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Left: Veggie Pizza | Right (top to bottom): Wall History, Tanchi (using the free access of internet), Iced Tea

Giacomino's is indeed a one-of-a-kind and an oustanding resto here in Gensan. Despite of their yummy delicacies, the customers can also enjoy their free internet through wireless fidelity. There's absolutely nothing to look for if you want to grab some pizzas and more of their delicious cuisine.

For your information, Giacomino's is located at East Asia Royale Hotel Arcade near Gaisano Mall of Gensan.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Shots

Summer's on the Groove! ...says on my leitmotif of today's season.

Summer is what I'm waiting for. After almost ten months of struggles on my duties as a freshy, happiness governed the all-of-me sensation. I can't wait to be with my love one's again from the time I wake up until I close my eyes, to be at home and never be alone, to see the smiling and loving faces of the people I missed so much.

Anyways, enough for that emotional thought. This time, I wanna share some pieces of my hardly-taken photos for this summer.

Toy Car. It was my Mama's Christmas gift to my Kuya last December.
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Candle. It was black out and I was alone. To throw my cowardness, I took photos. =)
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Lately, I can't help myself but stared to nothing. I was running out of stuffs to do and it discomforted me. How about surfing the net? Well, my slothfulness just occurred. Who the hell in this country wouldn't feel slothful when the sun strikes to its highest amplitude? I guess nobody and I'm one. So to cover down all these vanities, I decided to roam around the bush of our own dwelling. And thank God for His priceless nature, I got these natural pieces.

Unknown. Anybody knows what's the name of this plant? Mom said its root is an onion. *whow*
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Mushroom. These are just one but taken in different angle. I found it on our backyard and it startled me. woot!
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That's all for my shots this time. I'll share some soon. So what can you say to these pieces? Comment now and be eager to share yours.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plurk Fiesta: Orange Bistro

March 28, 2009 - It was the day full of "first time" thingy.

The day before March 28, my plurk friends, Tanchi and Rammyboi, were insisting me to come with them on Plurk Fiesta at Orange Bistro. At first, I was hesitant to agree because I'm a shy person and I'm not use to it (being shy). But lately, I gave them a "yes," which meant I will come along with them. I immediately asked a permission to Sir Avel, through sending a private plurk, if I could join the said activity. He then replied saying, 'bring your laptop and camera.' So, that's it.

It was quarter to 3:00 pm when I met up with Tanchi and Ikang at KCC and rushed to the venue. The "first times" started upon arriving at Orange Bistro.

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It was my first time to be at Orange Bistro. As you can see on the photos above, the place is so cool, pleasing to the eyes, comforting and magnificent. Everything was well-arranged and presentable. Every sides really fit to each other as how it was managed by Mr. Philip Teng, the owner.

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Attending on Plurk Fiestas like this is my newest affiliation. It was a great opportunity to me cause I met new faces and at the same time I earned new friends. Even though I wasn't able to memorized all their names, I'm pretty sure I could remember them through their faces (I got a high photographic memory..haha). Anyways, it was nice meeting my plurkmates and co-bloggers. Before I forget, the head of Davao Bloggers was also with us, Mr. Blogie (upper left on the photo above).

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(Photos - courtesy of Tanchi)

After greeting everybody, Orange Bistro served us some of their dishes. These were Angel's Hair, Nachos, Dumplings, Pomodoro, Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Chicharong Bulaklak, Orange Bistro Burger, and Flavored Vegetarian Plate. Along with these was their Special Orange Iced Tea which has a good taste different from other Iced Tea. Afterwards, the sweet delicacies were served on our table such as the Carrot Cake and the one with a cookie in it (I don't know how it is called).

I proudly recommend to everyone to visit this one-of-a-kind dining area in Gensan with your family and friends. It is located at J. Catolico Avenue, Lagao. With their good service, delicious foods, wifi access and a pleasant place, there's nothing to look for if you want to unwind yourself and be relaxed.

Plurk Fiesta @ Orange Bistro was a "thumbs up" experience!

PS - I would like to thank Tanchi for the photos and Rammyboi for the Discrete Mathematics Book. =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Comedians Unite

Gensan is definitely on its peak of excellence!

It has been a month and a half since the admirable singer, David Pomeranz, had a date with the Generals last February 2009 on its 14th day at Lagao Gymnasium, General Santos City. People wholeheartedly welcomed the said singer on his Valentine's Affair. They witnessed the great remarkable performance of David Pomeranz who left melodies of memories onto their hearts as he melodically vocalized the pieces of each songs.

After that prestigious event, here comes another hilarious performance from the two famous comedians on TV. Pooh, together with K-Brosas, will be meeting with the Generals on the near future. Yes, you're not mistaking. These two brilliant entertainers will be having their show at Lagao Gymnasium, General Santos City. The show is entitled "Laugh Til U Drop!" which will occur on the 19th of April 2009 at 8:30 in the evening.

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(Photo taken from Bariles Republic)

Let me give a brief introduction about the two outstanding comedians.

POOH became the newest comedy sensation on the year of 2007. He is also an excellent impersonator. In fact, he impersonated Manny Pacquiao, the Pride of the Generals, and was known to be Manny "POOH"Quiao. Together with Pooh is a comedienne-singer, Kakai Brosas or otherwise known as K-BROSAS. She is the famous lead singer of K and the Boxers.

The visitation of these two comedians on April shows that we, the people of Gensan, are so lucky to be visited by them. We are lucky because despite of the numerous cities in our nation, General Santos was chosen to where they will show their very own talents and skills.

So Generals, don't miss this! Buy your tickets now before it's too late. I'm pretty sure, you will enjoy and burst into countless of laughter as you witness this once in awhile event.

Tickets cost,
  • Platinum - Php 600 (reserve seats, court area)
  • Gold - P400 (Free seating, court area)
  • Silver - P250 (free seating, lower bleacher, black seats)
  • Bronze - P150 (free seating, upper bleacher)

You want it free?
Visit now at Bariles Republic and check out for his “Pooh-K Concert” Blog Writing Contest.

So bloggers, grab this opportunity now! Compose a post and you might be the chosen one. Goodluck! :)

For more info, you may contact 0920-2078888 and 0905-8222220 or call the City Mayor’s Office at (083) 554-4214. Look for Haydee.
(Info from Bariles Republic)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jack's Ridge Escapade

Last February 16, I was with my mom, sis and my sis' bf at Jack's Ridge of Davao City. We had our dinner there then a little bit strolling mode.

Jack's Ridge is a resort and restaurant located at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City.
It gives you a magnificent view of Davao Gulf's horizon. It is best viewed during dark time cause you'll really appreciate Davao's attractiveness. The shining shimmering splendid lights of Davao were so cool. And I guess it would put your stress off and be enjoyed of the night's horizon.

I have photos to share for you to give you a glance of the highly appreciated Jack's Ridge of Davao.

You'll see these three views as you enter the place.
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This is the Taklobo's main entrance. It's the restaurant were we had our dinner with delicious dishes and desserts.
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They are the Lumads whom was believed to be the first settlers of the place. It waas built beside Taklobo's entrance.
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The first photo is one of the "tambayans" of the resort. While the second photo is the Karlo's Coffee Shop with wireless fidelity.
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Jack's Ridge has also historical events regarding the Japanese and American colonizers. For more informations, visit Jack's Ridge site:
It will show you more photos about the place.

Well, that's how beautiful Jack's Ridge is. No bet, Davao is very proud of this great treasure. I hope to visit there again soon during day time cause I never tried it since my first visit.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

18 Candle Wishes

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-These canldes were from a friend's debut-

Yeah! Midterms were finally over. Studying, reviewing, solving - was so time consuming. hahah! Anyways..Now, that I'm back, I would like to share my wants after all the days of my life. Take a peek and hopefully you'll leave some comments. tnx in advance! =D

- be one of the dean's lister?? *mygosh! mangyari p kya? haha..*

- to be with my dad at Dubai. *i hope this coming vacation. yeahh..this could be cooool.*

- be with the Apocalypse. *miss them so much. oohh. missing the old times.*

- grab a DSLR. *I’m longing for it. suuuper!*

- also, grab a new phone. *yung touch screen. demanding. Hahah*

- play with roller skates. *It was my favorite hobby when my siblings and I were still young.*

- go to Lake Agco at Kidapwan. *hot spring*

- make a slideshow of me and my friends. *Apocalypse*

- go back to the times I thought I’d never be. *high school was soo coooool!*

- be good in programming. *yah. programming. im not mistaking. waaa*

- go to Samal Island again. *weeeeeehh!*

- island hopping! *how i really wish*

- to end the sem as fast as time can. *I’m bored*

- to shift course?? *but i don’t think so that i should*

- grabe a CAR! *wheeew! Dats great! Hhahha..*

- have a new hairdo. *what do i think? Hhhmmmm...*

- be totally dead for awhile. *near death experience i mean...*

- be a pro designer, photographer, journalist and pianist. *crap. Mrami p akong kakaining bigas..hahhaha!*

Friday, February 6, 2009

On My Way Home

Since the day before I was enrolled in a university at Davao City, I accepted the fact that my days would be on numerous trips taking back and forth from Gensan to Davao and reverse. I had took the risk of being exhausted after three hours from a trip. For so many times of transportation between the two developing cities, I already familiarized the places I passed by. Then there was one moment where boredom killed me softly. So to overcome it, I took photos which is my habit and also my passion.

Yellow Bus Lines. It's the name of the bus I used to ride.
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Sulop Stop Over. The place where the nonstop buses stops for awhile. 10 minutes I think
So ironic. It is called nonstop bus but it stops. weird..
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Passed By. One of the views on the way to Baluyan Road. This side is an overlooking of the dozens of mountains and a little part of the ocean's bluish white scene.
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Baluyan Road. It's a zigzag road which I hated most along the way cause it makes me feel dizzy. *rrr*
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The bottom line for all of these thoughts is that every time I'm going home, I don't think of the tiredness that may affect in me cause what I'm always thinking is I'll be meeting again my love ones. These are my family, friends and my special someone.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let me explain....

Yudee! And yes! I’m back to this world of blogging encountering lot of bloggers on their extravagant blogs!

Well, it’s really good to be back again after almost a month of struggles. There were lot of conflicts which made me decide to leave blogging for awhile. I got lot of reasons why was that so. So let me explain.

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Although things were on that manner, I’m still visiting monster express to look for updates. For now, I’m gonna really start from number one up to infinity, hopefully.

Note: What I learned from that experience was losing no hope and determination to pursue what I really wanted.

"As long as there is life, there is hope." – a very common quote which is so true to all.